A Knew Plate featured on Momentum Mondays Morning Show

Recently, I had the pleasure of being featured in Mrs. Jill Marie Green's Radio Show called Momentum Mondays. What a great experience it was! I was able to chat with Mrs. Green and the rest of the morning show team about how to live a more fruitful life. 

The goal of Momentum Mondays is to motivate, empower, and excite listeners as they begin the week ahead. Each Monday morning includes a topic that is applicable to its listeners. This week, it just happened to be how to eat a more balanced diet.

We started off the show with some starling statistics on the state of obesity and chronic diseases within the African American community. Below are some of the details

  • Approximately 47.8 percent of African Americans are obese (including 37.1 percent of men and 56.6 percent of women) compared with 32.6 percent of Whites (including 32.4 percent of men and 32.8 percent of women).

  • More than 75 percent of African Americans are overweight or obese (including 69 percent of men and 82.0 percent of women) compared with 67.2 percent of Whites (including 71.4 percent of men and 63.2 percent of women).

Mrs. Green mentioned that because of the epidemic, she has been motivated to change her eating habits or “purge” her like unhealthy habits. In doing so, she believes that she might be able to make changes that will improve her health and increase her overall sense of wellbeing. She also wants to set a good example for her children. 

Below are the Five P’s we discussed during the interview. For more detailed information, check out the video at the bottom on the page! 

We should aim to change externally focused health to internally focused health and wellbeing
— Alyson Humphrey, M.S.


“Five 'P's" of The Purge:  Purging Your Body to be the Healthiest You


An analysis from the National institute of Health, USDA Health and Human Services, American Cancer Society found that access to healthcare was a large contributor of the disparities in health. An easy solution is to go to the doctor. This includes regularly visit health care professionals; dentist, doctor, nutritionist, dietitians.

Prevention has been and still is the key to a healthy lifestyle. By regularly going to the doctor or visiting with health care professionals, you are taking a proactive approach your health.

So, get regular checkups from the doctor and know your status on your health. Know your numbers, and consult with trained healthcare providers on how to make the right changes to prevent illness.

Processed Food

Limit the amount of processed food you consume. Simple as that. Processed food, such as boxed foods, frozen meals, and fast food are usually full of chemicals, stabilizers, sugar and salt and many other items that make them last longer. Processed foods include “helper style meals”, crackers, cookies, packages of noodles, hot dogs, certain kinds of lunchmeat and sometimes canned foods.

In order to limit the amount of processed foods consumed, we should aim to eat more whole fruits, fresh and frozen vegetables, lean meats and protein sources, dairy and whole grains. An easy way to reduce the amount of processed food is to skip the drive through and try to make more foods at home.


It’s very important to watch the portion sizes of foods that you enjoy. First, it helps you to have a more balanced diet, secondly, it helps you not to eat too many calories. You don’t have to have enormous plates of foods to satisfy hunger. For example, just because there might be an all you can eat buffet, doesn’t mean that you should over indulge. Watch your portion sizes and enjoy food in a more balanced manner. 


One immediate thing that you can “purge” your diet of, is extra sugar and sugar sweetened beverages. Not eating extra sugar is simple and straight forward- don’t add sugar to your food or drinks. Many of the foods we regularly consume already contain sugar. So, adding extra amounts is an easy way to tack on extra unnecessary calories. For example, if you drink coffee every morning, try reducing the amount of sugar you put in your coffee.

Reducing the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages is also a great way to purge sugar from your diet. Sugar sweetened beverages include things like juice (even 100% juice) , sweet tea, energy drinks, and specialty coffee beverages.


Put More

Put more water in your body and stay hydrated.  Aim for around 64 oz of water a day. Be benefits of staying hydrated are endless, but mainly, it will help control hunger, aid in digestion and keep you skin looking more youthful.

Put more physical activity in your day. Doesn’t mean that you have to stay in the gym for hours, just means that you should try to be more active during the day. Go for a walk, try a yoga, anything to get moving.


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