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Our Mission: Accessible Nutrition

We believe that everyone has a right to receive accurate, evidenced based nutrition information and support.  

The struggle is real! There is a plethora of nutrition information available, but it's not from nutrition experts. What you eat and your lifestyle plays a pivotal role in your overall health and wellness. Because of its importance, receiving accurate and personalized information from health care professionals, such as dietitians and nutritionists, is vital

You wouldn’t trust your mechanic to do your dental work, why entrust just anyone with your nutrition?

At A Knew Plate Nutrition Consulting, we provide scientific evidenced based techniques to help you to make the best nutritional choices so you can live your best life!
— Alyson Humphrey, CEO

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Is it time for you to talk to a nutritionist? 

From the Experts of Nutrition and Dietetics 

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics  states that primary prevention is the most effective and affordable method to prevent chronic disease, and that dietary intervention positively impacts health outcomes across the life span


Dietitians & Nutritionists have a significant role your health care.

 They are crucial to helping people to make the right dietary choices to enhance quality and longevity of life, prevent treat and alleviate symptoms of illnesses, and ensure that the right amounts of nutrients are consumed. They are trained to help identify and modify behaviors through many different techniques such as motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy